Quick installation

Installing 5IDES takes literally 30 seconds: it doesn’t void the warranty nor damages your flashy new toy. Totally rage quit proof!

High-end materials

Your PS5 deserves nothing but the best: 5IDES panels are made of scratch-resistant plastic and offer excellent protection for the console.

Three colors

That white tone is great, but black is just something else. Still not satisfied? 5IDES are also available in red and blue, but nothing prevents you from using two different colors on the same console.

Original design

5IDES panels have been created from scratch to guarantee a unique look: the corners are rounded to follow the lines of the console, for a familiar but completely new effect.


Stop playing in black and white

and get ready for a colorful revolution with 5IDES.

30 Days return

3 Years Warranty*

* Attention to detail is not limited to design. We offer a 3-year warranty for 5IDES on manufacturing defects and we have a customer support team at your disposal to meet all your needs.
The warranty does not apply to accidental and / or caused damage.